Art from stained glass

Stained glass, no longer will you only be confined to the walls of churches as a painted crucifixion or last supper scene. You are allowed to come out, in this twenty-first century and be the flamboyant clashing extrovert you've always wanted to be. The way you bring life and soul to a white wall is mesmerising. Praise-be, let people see and be able to appreciate you for all your wonderful qualities. It's your time to shine.

That's how I feel about stained glass.

I draw leaf designs using inspiration from tropical gardens around Cornwall. And then turn these drawings into glass combinations and stained glass panels. The final hand soldered panels are then photographed and by cropping part of the photograph, made into surface patterns and fabric designs. This work for me, is a combination of shapes, colours, traditional crafting and also finally graphic design. The only way to create anything I am happy with, is by working intuitively and without structure. No rules and no planning. I have been told I am hard to live with.

I use blown and hand rolled artisan glass by two craft glass houses, one in Oregon and one in Germany. You can find more information about the glass used here: LAMBERTS  BULLSEYE  Each piece of coloured sheet glass has unique bubbles and irregularities.

I am a maker of stained glass, both traditional leaded and Tiffany. Formerly a graphic designer and canoe coach, I grew up in rural Exmoor and I am a very sociable creature. 

*Worth noting*

In February 2018, Bryony Jo Lane (previously Glass by Bryony) was shortlisted for the 2018 Liberty of London Open Call for interior decoration.