Ethereal stained glass art handmade in Falmouth.

I use stained glass art to bring the animated illuminations of natures' colours and patterns into our lives. Giving our minds time to wander and reflect as the glass reflections meander gently across walls and floors of the space it's in.

I draw leaf designs using flora and fauna in the tropical gardens around Cornwall as inspiration. My work is also greatly influenced by living next to the sea; the colours of the seaweed waving underneath me as I swim, and the soft golden glow of sunsets and sunrises skimming the water surface. 

I use blown and hand rolled artisan glass by two craft glass houses, one in Oregon and one in Germany. You can find more information about the glass used here: LAMBERTS  BULLSEYE  Each piece of coloured sheet glass is absolutely unique with its' markings, bubbles and irregularities.

Before learning how to make stained glass, I went to university to study graphic design and worked as a designer. I also spent many years working on the water as a canoe coach. One 'career' was too restrictive and computer based and drove me mad with precision, and the other, excellent fun, but exhausting in winter. I grew up in rural Exmoor with animals for friends and am, as a result a very sociable creature. 

In February 2018, Bryony Jo Lane (previously Glass by Bryony) was shortlisted for the 2018 Liberty of London Open Call for interior decoration.